Friday, June 5, 2009

Color Palette: Pink, Brown and Green

This color palette is for one of our readers, Maria. She writes:
I was wondering if you could help me with a color palette for my daytime October 25th wedding in Charleston, South Carolina. My problem seems to be that I like too many color schemes and can't decide on one particular one! We're going to be serving paella as the main course meal. I really don't know how to tie all these things together in a color scheme! Would be so grateful for your help.
Maria decided she liked a brown and green color scheme, with the pops of pink from the bridesmaid dresses her maids will be wearing. Below is the board we put together for her.

Picture Credits:
top row: 100 Layer Cake, Rebecca Thuss, Zenadia Design
middle row: Elizabeth Messina, Martha Stewart, 100 Layer Cake
bottom row: Modern Day Design, The Knot,

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