Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Please Visit Our New Blog

I see many of you still check this blog, which is our old blog. We will not be posting articles here any more. Everything now posts on our new blog. Link HERE.
Thanks and happy reading!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Color Palette: Golden Yellow, Rust and Deep Orange

A beautiful warm color palette is up on our new blog today, be sure and check it out. All color palette posts will be on our new blog from now on. We also have our color palette search option available on the new blog.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Color Palette: Navy, White and Gold

I'm loving the utter sophistication and elegance of this color palette. I think the navy in place of black is a lovely alternative.

Featured Design: Stephanie's Program, by Zenadia Design

Image Credits:
top row: Flickr, Jessamyn Harris, Brides.com middle row: Zenadia Design, Wiggy Floral bottom row: James Abel via Style Me Pretty, Michelle Rago, James Abel via Style Me Pretty

Monday, September 28, 2009

Color Palette: Burnt Orange, Brown and Gold

This color palette is for one of our readers, Dolores. She and her fiance are getting married next fall, and wanted the main color for their celebration to be burnt orange, with brown and gold as the accent colors. I love this color combination for a fall wedding, and I hope this palette can help Dolores plan out her perfect day!

Image Credits:
top row: The Knot, la nuit blanche, Brides.com middle row: la nuit blanche, MS Weddings, Brides.com bottom row: Brides.com, MS Weddings, la nuit blanche

Monday, September 21, 2009

Color Palette: Rock and Roll Chic

Style and fun is what rock and roll is all about, and our etsy invitation Rockin Romance pretty much fits the bill for that. Below is our inspiration for a rockin' celebration.

Image Credits:
top: Asiel Design, Rachel Papo, The Knot middle: Brides.com, Brides.com, Asiel Design bottom: Jennifer Skog, Jennifer Skog, Polyvore

Monday, September 14, 2009

Color Palette: Red, Purple and White

This color palette is for one of our readers, Jennifer. She is getting married on a beach in Mauritius this December, and wanted a palette reflecting her colors of purple, red and white. I hope this color palette can help Jennifer visualize her colors and plan her perfect wedding day!

Featured Invitation: Carmen, by Zenadia Design

Image Credits:
top row: Style Me Pretty, Brides.com, Brides.com middle row: A Blake Photography, MS Weddings, Olivia Oberlin bottom row: The Knot, Zenadia Design, Brides Bouquet

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Color Palette: Aqua, Orange, Red and Peach

The bright colors in this palette go so well together, and would be perfect for a spring or summer celebration. I love the combination of red, orange and peach.

Image Credits:
top row: Rebecca Thuss, Tiffany Weddings, Martha Stewart middle row: Martha Stewart, Brides.com, The Knot bottom row: Martha Stewart, The Knot, Tiffany Weddings